IObit StartMenu 8: Add start menu to Windows 8

Many people who loves to use windows as their primary operating system already know that Windows 8 don’t support Start Menu because of the new “Metro” interface. Metro interface works good for touch Screen devices but desktop users finds this interface annoying. As a result their is a high demand of programs that allow users to directly boot Windows 8 and give back the Start menu that they are used to.

One of the best Start Menu program is Start8 from Stardock. It comes with a customizable Start Orb and was free when its first launched, but unfortunately, it will now cost you $4.99. If you are looking for another free alternative then IObit StartMenu8 will be a good option for you.

IObit StartMenu 8: Add start menu to Windows 8

IObit Start Menu 8

As shown in the image the Start Menu looks identical to the start menu of Windows 7 Operating System. This free program brings back both the start button and Start Menu, and also allows you to skip Metro start page, if you wish to boot Windows 8 desktop directly.

You can activate StartMenu8 by clicking the Start Orb or hitting the Win key. By default, pressing the Win key in Windows 8 opens the Start Screen, Since this program replaces this functionality, you have to press Win key for about 2-3 seconds to get Start Screen. StartMenu8 is still in its beta stage and for now it only allows you to search desktop apps and files, it won’t allow you to access Window Store apps.

NoteIt is still not clear that this app will remain free when the Final version is released or will be turned into a paid program.

Overall, StartMenu8 is a nice tool( Supports both 32 and 64 bit version) that nicely do its the job of adding the Start Menu and Start Orb to Windows 8.

Download StartMenu8

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