AirFoto – View photos directly on IOS Device

AirFoto is a wireless photo frame that allow users to browse all images on their PC directly on an iPad, iPhone or iPod without syncing with your Computer. You will find this feature extremely useful when you don’t have time to wait for your device to completely sync with your computer.

AirFoto - View photos directly on IOS Device

How AirFoto works?

First you need to download and install the AirFoto Server on your PC. You have to download AirFoto Server on each computer if you want to have multiple access. AirFoto Server will be used to host photos stored on your PC or Mac so that you can access them without syncing with your computer. After the installation the server automatically scan your Computer for photos, and then you can add a shared folder once the scan is complete.

AirFoto works only in combination with its Server. So, It’s mandatory that the desktop Server must be running on the computer while users open the AirFoto app. When you will run the app for first time, the source of your images will be your computer. You will have the option to skip this step or delete folders afterwards. If everything is done right until now, AirFoto will show you the shared photos from your computer, which can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode.

The App will get automatically updated whenever you add or remove any imges on your server. You can view the images in slideshow by using the play button at the bottom bar or share those images with the use of sharing menu. Though AirFoto still lacks some image customization but what more can you except from a free app.

Overall, you will find this app useful since you can view thousand of images without using any space on your IOS device and you also won’t have to wait to sync your device with the computer just to show bunch of Images to your friend.

Download AirFoto for IOS

Download AirFoto Server