Android vs IOS Security: How Secure are they?

We all know that these two OS have taken over all Tablet and Smartphone market arena so far. They both have awesome features like really nice user interface, thousands of app to download, better visual appearance, Power efficient etc. If you are planning to buy your first smartphone then you will most probably be confused, whether to buy a Android phone or Apple iPhone.

While buying a Smartphone customer usually only focus on Phone’s specs neglecting a very crucial Criteria called Security features. Now all has been said let’s now compare the security features of Apple iOS and adroid devices.

Well I am not a security expert but still I did a little bit of research and here’s what i found out.

Similarities between there security features

Both have Traditaional access control – A method by which a user can unlock by using a passord or sliding to unlock.

Permission based access control – This will set permission for each application to have limited access to a deevice systems.

Secured from web-based attacks – Both OS are armed with inbuilt capabilities to resist web based attacks.

Isolation – Limiting a process’s ability to access sensitive data from another processes



IOS vs Android

According to symantec reports in 2011 Android devices get little protection, more open to vulnerabilities as compare to IOS. The encryption structure of IOS provides more security of emails and allows deletion of data remotely whereas Android beats IOS when it comes to its ability to isolate processes. IOS has had more vulnerabilities as compare to Android, though vast majority of them are of low severity. Apple approach towards app downloads is better as compare to Android. An app has to go a long line of tests before being available to download though it don’t ensure one hundred percent security, but still it ensures a good protection against attackers. On the counter part, Google does not test the security of an app and allows almost any application to be downloaded from the Android market.

Below is a pretty interesting infographic by veracode that will explain the basic security functionalities of both IOS and Android.

Android vs iOS infographic

Source Veracode Application Security

Final words

According to Veracode both OS have their own risk but the mobile platforms are still more secure as compare to PC. So at the end the question comes to you, Which operating system makes you feel more safer IOS or Android?