AirFoto – View photos directly on IOS Device

AirFoto is a wireless photo frame that allow users to browse all images on their PC directly on an iPad, iPhone or iPod without syncing with your Computer. You will find this feature extremely useful when you don’t have time to wait for your device to completely sync with your computer. How AirFoto works? First you […]

Airdrop transfer files from Quicklook in OS X Mountain lion

Nowadays,  AirDrop ad-hoc service in OS X Lion 10.7 might be the fastest and easiest method to transfer files between Macs without WiFi network or changing any configuration. Though this feature is fairly easy to use via OS X Finder, OSX Daily have pointed out there is a more simple way to do this job […]

iPhone turns 5: A success story

June 29, 2007, the day when Apple released the first iPhone in united states. Since then the world has seen four updates of iPhone. Apple is the largest technology company in the world by revenue and profit, Apple new product releases are among the most anticipated in the world and It not only helped Apple […]

Wickr – an iPhone militirary grade encryption app

Wickr is a brand new iOS app that offers military-grade encryption for video, text, and picture messages on an iPhone. According to Nico Sell (App co-founder) Wickr is so easy to use that even her “3 year old son can use this app”. This App allows you to set individual messages to auto destruct within […]

IoS app read news to you

In this world, life is busy and time is money  almost  each one us want to use our time in a productive way. Well, there is an app called Snackr to help you save your bit of a time that you spend on watching news . This IoS app will not only create a personalized […]