AppRemover – Uninstall security programs

There may be times when you try to uninstall a security software like Antivirus or Firewall but wasn’t able to do so because the very software you were trying to uninstall is preventing you from uninstalling it.

Most of the non tech savvy people find this behavior unusual but sometimes the Security Software looks the attempt of uninstalling as an attack over system security and as a result that program will try to prevent such an attempt. Now the question is how to uninstall these types of Software? AppRemover is a simple program which is specifically designed to help you overcome such issues.

AppRemover - Uninstall security programs

AppRemover is a free app that allows you to perfectly remove any installed security software from your system. One cool thing about AppRemover is that it don’t require any type of installation which means you can run this app directly using the .EXE file. That also means it can be run from a portable devices, such as a Pen drive, External hard drive or other external source.

How AppRemover Works?

After you run the program it will ask you what type f task you want to perform, either you want to uninstall a Security Program or want to remove the files of an failed or aborted installation.

Once you’ve chosen the action you want, AppRemover search your system for any types of security program and provide you the list of programs that can be uninstalled. Now, all you have to do is select the program you want to remove and click “next” and leave the rest to AppRemover.

Overall, AppRemover is highly useful, easy to use App and can be suggested to anyone. So, go and check it out.

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