Automatic Updater: automatically installs WordPress updates

Many of us use WordPress as our Blogging Platform and while managing our Website, One regular task that we all practice is keep our blog plugins, WordPress version, themes up to date. Updating become highly essential when it fixes a really important security flaw. Usually, we update WordPress version, plugins or themes when we find a notification in our Admin Dashboard.

Though, it takes only few minutes of our day to update any plugin or theme but What if you weren’t able to login in your admin dashboard because you were too busy or you are on small “lets take a break” trip where there is no way to connect Internet. These are rare scenario, but still it’s possible and this break could prove dangerous for your Website, if the update is a fix of a really important vulnerability.

Automatic Updater is a WordPress plugin that resolves this for you, as the name suggest it install updates automatically as soon as they get released(depending on your set permission).

Automatic Updater: automatically installs WordPress updates

Pros of Automatic updater

  • You will get automatic updates as soon as they are availble.
  • Help in increasing your overall WordPress security.
  • Reduce the time to administrate a blog.

Cons of Automatic updater

One of the biggest flaw with this plugin is that updates sometimes create incompatibility issues with each other.

Final Words

Though, it is is a pretty useful plugin but should be used only for Small or less important websites as you don’t want to run into issues with your “Money making Websites”. It will be good option for those who manually manage more then one website and looking for an easy method to update their plugins and themes without much work.

Download AutomaticUpdater

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