Best Free Data Backup Software For Window and Mac

There are so many important things that we save in our computer, let it be family photographs, office data or your Bank account information. Do you have a backup of these these precious images or files. Believe it or not incidents like virus attacks, hard drive crash or deltetion of files by human mistake can happen any time. So, this makes backing up your computer’s data really important. Though there are many tools and cloud computing services available but many people can’t pay for these services. So,In this post we will discuss about the best free data backup softwares for windows and Mac.


Cobain Backup – It is really simple to use software and allows all necessary features of a Backup Software. Yo can encrypt, password protect, compress your backup to a network drive or FTP.

GFI – GFI works similar to Cobain and uses an advanced built-in and highly configurable scheduling mechanism. It allows you to perform backups to multiple devices.You can also include or exlude a specific file during a backing up task.

Clonezilla Live – Clonezila live is an operating system which allows you to make a disk image of your hard disk, which you can use later for restoration or replicate your hard drive on another computer.

FBackup – It allows you to backup your data on external hardrive or network. You can also schedule or compress your files in a Zip format. It works well with both 32 and 64 bit version of windows.

Backup Software for Mac

Carbon Copy Cloner – This Software provides almost all the tools that you really need to make a complete backup of your Mac. It can create bootable clone of your startup drive , schedule Backups or Sync files.

Super Duper – Just like Carbon Copy it can create a incremental, bootable or Full backup. It’s Smart update feature can Incrementally updates the backup clone you created.

Final Words

You never know when an unwishful incident might occur an you will loose your data. Backing up your important Data is something we all must practise to minimize the risk of loss.