Best Website online scanner for viruses

Online Threats are growing really fast and you can be affected by them any time by just visiting a webpage. So, Following is the list of Website online scanner which will allow you to check that the site you are going to visit is blacklisted or contains any hidden links, and malware.

Best online Scanner


VirusTotal is a free online service which allows you to scan your files and URLs to detect that if a site is affected by a virus, Trojans and all kind of malwares.

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Sucuri Site Check

Best Website online scanner

Sucuri SiteCheck scanner Let’s you check the website for known website errors, malware, blacklisting status.

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AVG Link Scanner

Best Website online scanner

AVG link Scanner allows you to check an URL or individual web pages. LinkScanner examine your submitted web page against domain threat history of 30 Day to report if any of your submitted URL contains suspicious link.

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Unmask Parasites

Unmask Parasites is a online web site security service that helps reveal to find hidden links in a website that hackers might have inserted in web pages.

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Norton Web Safe

Best Website online scanner

Norton Safe Web is a service from Symantec. Symantec servers analyze the websites to check, if that site contain hidden links or malwares that is going to affect your sytem.

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Other Websites you might like to check



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