Bing My Lockscreen:Set Bing Homepage Picture As Lock Screen Background

We all love Bing images, don’t we? Everyday Bing showcase their latest and beautiful picture on the homepage and provides a little bit of information about the image. In real I am a Google fan and still use Google as my primary search engine but  i do visit Bing sometimes to have a look at those eye catching pictures. While there are few tools available that allows you to download Bing images and automatically set it as a desktop background or logon screen background for Window xp, vista and Window 7.

Bing My Lockscreen : Set Bing Homepage Picture As Windows 8 Lock Screen Background Set Bing Homepage Picture As Windows 8 Lock Screen Background

Bing My Lockscreen

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a tool which allows you do the same for Windows 8 but now you can use a free app named Bing My Lockscreen which allows you to have a Bing image as lock screen background for your Windows 8. This app lets you browse eight recent images from Bing homepage and you can set your favourite image as your lock screen Background.

It has been also promised that soon you will be able to automatically replace your lock screen background with the latest Bing Homepage image(this feature will be available in the upcoming update) that means your lock Screen will get automatically updated with a new image whenever a new picture is available on Bing Homepage.

Bing My Lockscreen supports both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows and helps you make your lock screen more Beautiful.

Download BingMyLockscreen

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