Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition – Safely start your New Year

Bitdefender has always been known for it’s global standard Security Applications but still it was lacking a Free Edition of Bitdefender Antivirus for home users unlike many other popular antivirus companies like Avira, AVG ,Avast and Microsoft.

Bitdefender Antivirus
Taking a note of this, Bitdefender has released its free Antivirus Edition in an English language version. Apart from being fully free, lightweight(use only a little more than 20MB RAM) and very simple to use antivirus tool it boasts several key features like

  • Real-time Shield – Files will get scanned as they are accessed, copied or downloaded from the internet.
  • Active Virus Control – Protects you from potential threats that haven’t been discovered yet.
  • Intrusion Detection System – Protect you against online threats for applications that tries access internet or local network by marking them whenever its behavior is suspect
  • HTTP Scanning – Scans all the links you are accessing from your browser and protect you against possible scams, credit card or phishing attempts by blocking them when they are unsafe.
  • Anti-rootkit – Scan and Block hidden malicious processes or programs that would otherwise allow hackers to get access to your computer
  • Early Boot Scanning – Make sure that the system is being scanned at boot time as soon as all critical services are loaded
  • B-Have – Analyzes programs for currently unknown threats in a sand-boxed environment and automatically deleting them if threats are found.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
One thing that can’t go unnoticed is its minimalistic design. It doesn’t have those complicated setting options, all you need to do is click it’s system tray icon to configure the antivirus according to your needs.

To use Bitdefender without any limitation, It’s mandatory that you register with Bitdefender (create an account). You can also opt to use your Facebook or Google account to sign in.

Overall, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a lightweight, simple to use security app and definitely worth a try. It is fully functional with Windows 8 and also supports older version of Windows including XP, Vista and Windows