Block ads using adblock in all browsers

We all do web surfing every day in search of information, movies, software, Facebook etc. You must have noticed that almost every website have ads on them no matter its Gmail, Facebook or other websites though, it’s not something bad but sometimes ads on certain websites could prove annoying and personally I don’t like ads which pop’s up even before content of the page load. Not only that some sites do show ads that could prove offensive to someone or not watchable by kids. So, I decided to write an article on how to block ads on your browsers

Google Chrome
Google chrome is now officially the most popular browser in the world and also considered most secured by many people in the world. Chrome provides an app store for its user and adblock is one such app that can block ads for you. It’s a great app that doesn’t allow add download and also gives you flexibility on which website you want to have ads and on which you don’t.

Internet Explorer
Internet explorer is the second most popular browser in the world. If you are fan of this browser you can use Simple Adblock for internet explorer .Simple Adblock ads a menu icon to the status bar within Internet Explorer. From the Adblock menu you can disable adblocking on a domain, completely or access the settings. You have to go through a setup process to be able to use this app.

Mozilla firefox
Firefox is the easiest browser to block ads in because of its extensive add-ons support and also Firefox was the first browser to support adblockers. If you are a Firefox user than AdBlock Plus will be great option for you. AdBlock Plus is easy to setup, install and go adblocker add-on for Firefox. AdBlock Plus blocks most ads on its own, if AdBlock Plus ever misses an ad you can right-click on the ad and select AdBlock Plus: Block image this will allow you to create a custom filter blocking that ad and ads similar to it.

Opera Adblock is an add-on for Opera that will make it extremely easy for you to block ads. Opera Adblock utilizes ad filters to block ads. Opera Adblock is it is extremely easy to setup and use. All you have to do is install Opera Adblock from Opera’s extensions website and you are good to go. Opera Adblock automatically starts blocking ads and also offer you block tracking websites.

You have an option of Adblock for Safari to block ads in safari browser as other browser add-on it also helps you to get rid of those flashy banner ads and prevents ads from being downloaded, letting you enjoy clean and peaceful web browsing.

Adblocking is a technology for blocking ads on webpages, before they are being loaded by the web browser but sometimes advertisements can offer you something that interest you and also there might be chance that ads are the only source of revenue for one of your favorite website and lack of ad revenue could put that website into problem. So, I would recommend that you must play with your add-on settings and block only those website ads (like torrent websites) which you don’t want to see.