Boot UI Tuner – Customize Windows 8 Boot Screen

With the Release of Windows 8 Microsoft have replaced the classic boot loader with a GUI boot loader called Boot Options Menu.

All in all it’s a nice change but people who have installed more then one OS (both WIN 7 and WIN 8) in their system and frequently switch between installed OS, finds this new loader irritating because it first loads Windows 8 and then display the OS selection screen. So if you want to boot into another OS, you’ll have to wait for Windows 8 to load first and only then you can select the other OS from the boot options screen.

If you are looking for a method to to disable whole modern boot UI and turn it into legacy mode or tweak and customize Windows 8 boot screen according to your needs than Boot UI Tuner might be a perfect solution for you.

Boot UI Tuner -Customize Windows 8 Boot Screen and Boot Menu Options

Boot UI Tuner is a free portable software which allows you to tweak these following settings

  • Enable advanced options of boot menu – Options like safe mode, debugging and so on will be available before every boot of your Windows 8.
  • Enable editing of boot options – You can specify an addition options for kernel. They are similar to good old boot.ini features.
  • Disable blue Windows Logo during boot.
  • Disable spinning circle during boot.
  • Disable text messages during boot.
  • Disable new metro boot loader and turn it into legacy mode.

A video that demonstrates the Boot UI Tuner functionality:

Though these settings can also be changed using built-in command bcdedit but using Boot UI Tuner ( Download ) will be much faster and easy approach. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8.