Browser Security test for vulnerabilities

Why secure My web browser?

Today Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari are installed on almost every computers. Because we all use Web Browser so frequently, It is vital that keep an eye on our browser security and remain secure from exploits by always updating them. Though today most of the popular browser are highly secure, still they can be exploited as done by a group in “PWN2OWN 2012” who were able hack Google chrome in just 5 minutes.

Why My Browser is Insecure?

Many reasons are there to consider a Browser insecure, like having a outdated version of the browser or its plugins. There might be some default features enabled in your browser to improve the overall experience, But these features might increase the risk to the computer or there might be some unknown vunerability which haven’t been patched yet. Attacker’s use these vulnerabilities to steal your information, take control of your computer or use your computer to attack other computers. So, following is the list of Browser security check tools to get more safe web browsing environment.

Browser Security Test

Qualis Browser Check

Qualys Browser Check is a cross-browser SaaS service that scans the user browser looking for vulnerabilities in the browser and its plug-ins. This tool will also guide you fix the security issues discovered afer scanning.

Browser Security Test

Test Browser Security on Qualis Browsercheck

Browser Scope

Browser scope is an open source community driven project for aggreating and storing crowd sourced data about browser security and performance. Browser Scope gets its data from test results of user’s. As shown in their scan page you can check your browser heartbeat by running a Browser Security scan.

Browser Security Test

Browser Security Test on Browserscope

Browser based data breaches is growing day by day. So, it is your duty to be proactive about the security for safe and secure online environment.

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