BTGuard: Anonymize your torrent services

Many of us use BitTorrent for downloading and sharing of files but when you’re downloading or seed a torrent, you’re connecting to other people and all of them can see your computer‘s IP address.

With the help of your IP address Piracy monitoring groups can notify your ISP (Internet Service Provider) about your doings. After all many of the content you download from torrent could be violating the Copyright laws and you just download it without even knowing that. So the way you can completely anonymize yourself is with BTGuard.


How BTGuard will help you

BTGuard is a proxy server and encryption service which lets you to anonymize your BitTorrent traffic by tunneling your internet Torrent traffic through another server, and it will show an IP address from a server that can’t be traced back to you. Since, they don’t keep logs so it won’t be easy to reach you. The Piracy Monitor will see that BTGuard is sharing a file but because of encryption they can’t know what is being shared.

How to install BTGuard

To use BTGuard services you have to sign up with them at They offer there services at a monthly price tag of $6.95.

How to configure it

1. Proxy Type: Socks v5
2. Proxy Host:
3. Proxy Port: 1025
4.  Username: Your BTGuard username
5. Password: Your BTGuard password

Additional info
BTGuard servers are located in Canada and are good enough to handle high speed transfers globally.You can check your IP address at to ensure that your proxy is working correctly. BTGuard also allow you to encrypt your data just go to their BTGuard encryption page and follow there instruction. It works with all clients that support Socks V5 proxies including uTorrent and Vuze. It will only store your username, password and e-mail address so you won’t have to worry about logs.

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