Busyflow brings your cloud apps onto one screen

Online app stores are filled with web apps like Dropbox, Google drive that allows you to easily integerate with your cloud services but there is still room for improvement and one such service that is a step towards this improvement is BusyFlow.


What is BusyFlow?

BusyFlow is a service that offers workspace to collaborate and manage all your data from one centralized location by allowing you to integrate all your cloud based tools on one place.

who is it for?

BusyFlow is ideal for small teams, power internet user, consultants, startup teams who most likely use multiple cloud-based tools and work together on one or more projects.

Apps you can integrate

As of now you can integrate popular cloud tools like dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calender, Github, Google Docs etc.

BussyFlow have Smooth Cross Application Integration so you can easily juggle your files, notes and tasks between your apps with a click or simply by dragging. You can also tarck all the changes on your apps and files within the news feed. It also provide you a task tracker which will allow you to convert a discussion into a task any time you want. You can also create a private wall for each project to discuss about any task or event. Each workspace will be called a hive share links and give your opinion.

BusyFlow provides both free and paid account to select according to your need. Though BusyFlow looks like a promising tool but the main question is how much handy this service will prove for small teams at the end?

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