Callflakes – Socially Follow up Calls and SMS

Do you often use to follow up your important calls with an email or instant replies but don’t like to use number of different apps to do various functions? Well, if you are looking for such an all in one app then you should give Callflakes a try. Callflakes is an Android app which offers you almost everything that you want or need to do, to follow up the call after it is terminated.

Callflakes - Socially Follow up Calls and SMS

As soon as you end your call you will receive a tool bar that includes 7 buttons and each button serves following number of tasks.

  • Send a text message
  • Set a reminder
  • Call back
  • Share something on social networking Websites
  • Schedule a meeting in the phone’s calendar
  • Search web

Not just that, if you affiliate your Facebook Caller ID with Callflakes, it will present you the latest Facebook activities of the friend you just make or received a call from ( if the person is in your Facebook friend list) . Same goes with text messages from your Facebook Friends.

How CallFlakes Work?

After it is launched for the first time, Callflakes will ask you to sync your Facebook account with it. Once Connected, the app will scan your Smartphone and tries to match your phonebook data and Facebook Contacts info along with their profile. This app will present you split screen interface which list your Android phone contacts on the left and your Facebook friends on the right, So you can make necessary changes if you find any incorrect match.

After completing the configuration of callflakes, you will be provided a tool bar whenever you receive a text message or hang up a call, there will also be an reply screen where you can check your friend’s recent Facebook activities.

Final Words

Though CallFlakes lacks customization and call actions features as compare to CallApp but still Callflakes gives smooth integration and is easy to use.

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