Changelog Droid: Track Android Apps Update Changes

Android is the most popular Smartphone Operating system today and one of the best thing about Android is that all the installed apps on your Smartphone phone gets automatically updated in background. Although it’s a really amazing feature but it don’t give you much information about the changes being made or new features added to the mobile apps, leaving the users clueless.

Since there isn’t an option to check the new change-log of an updated application in your handset all you can do is to head over to Google Play store page and read about the new features which will be a tedious task, especially if you have couple of apps installed that get updated regularly.

Fortunately, A new app named Changelog Droid have been added to Google play store which can save you from all this hassle. It’s a free application that allows you to check the change-log of all of your recently updated Android apps or apps for which updates are available( depending upon your setting for an automatic update).

Changelog Droid: Track Android Apps Update Changes

Changelog Droid displays all the updates in chronological order which allows you to see the release notes for all apps on one page. Another interesting feature of this app is that you can also monitor non-installed apps, which means you can track an application without installing it. This option could prove handy if you are facing some problem with an application and waiting for an update before you actually install it on your Smartphone or tablet. With Changelog Droid you can also block updates for a specific app using its blacklist feature giving you better control over updating process.

There are two version of Changelog Droid, Free version – accompanied with advertisements and paid version – which provides you different themes and without any advertisements.

The application is compatible with all version of Android from 2.2 onwards and recommended for every Android users who like to know what changes are really taking place in the background updating process.

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