How to check Google pagerank of posts and pages

Pagerank is the general algorithm of Google and Google ranks a site on the basis of many known and unknown and factors. Getting a high Page Rank is important for any website that depends on traffic from search engine. Good page rank not only increase the chances of ranking higher then other website in search results but also gives more credibility to your site. So, keeping an eye on your page rank is definitely a good practice.

How Google Pagerank is measured

Pagerank 0-2: Any website having page rank in between 0-2 are considered new or the website still need some work on SEO.

Pagerank 3-6: Most of the time any website having this page rank is considered established websites and has shown good performance in their niche.

Pagerank 7-10: Any website having pagerank of 7 or above can be considered as the leader of their niche. It requires a lot of dedication and hardwork to reach up to this benchmark and very few websites have page rank of 7 or above.

How to check google pagerank

Page rank checker – This free service allows you to check Google pagerank of your website or any other website instantly. Page rank checker also provide a code that you can use on your website and give your visitors the way to check the ranking of any pages directly from your site.

Seoquake – Seoquake is an easy plug-in to be had for Firefox and Google Chrome. After you have downloaded the add-on you would notice an ‘SQ’ sign at top-right corner of your browser. Enable it and search for your blog or your favourite website via Google. Google will give you the related search results with the details including the page rank of the website.

check google pagerank