Chrome’s new tab page experiments with search box

On Wednesday, Google announced few changes with new tab page for Chrome web browser based on its experimentation. As of now when you open a new tab page in Chrome, you are welcomed by frequently visited website, a link to Chrome’s web store, an option to switch to apps, options to browse recently closed websites, and bookmarks at the top of the page.

Whereas Chrome’s new tab page will display you a Google search box on top of Most Visited and Apps sections. In this new tab page Google search box redirects your request to the browser address bar automatically when you click in it and starts typing, which you might find strange at first.

Chrome’s new tab page


new tab page experiments with search box

Google says – “it is looking to start allowing search engines to display the user’s search terms right in the omnibox, which removes the need for a second search box on the results page “

“While you can search straight from the Omnibox in Chrome, we’ve found that many people still navigate to their search engine’s home page to initiate a search instead. The goal is to save people time by helping them search and navigate the web faster”.

This might explain, why the Google search box redirects you to browser address bar in the new tab page of Chrome.

Right now, New tab page is only available for Chrome dev builds on Windows and Chrome OS, Mac support is “coming soon”. User’s who want to leverage this functionality have to enable the flag named Enable Instant extended API.

Follow these steps to test customized variation of NTP

  • Load chrome://flags in your browser.
  • look for the flag Enable Instant extended API and enable it.
  • Restart your browser and you can find the new tab page from that moment.

Adding a Search box in new tab page will definitely be a faster approach for those user’s who don’t search from the omnibox. For the rest of us, using the address bar is still the way to go to get faster results.

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