Cleansave Edit & Save Any Web Page Directly To Box, Dropbox & Google Drive

No matter you are a teacher, student, Business Professional or may be just a web surfer once in a while you must have feel the need to save web pages for offline reading or sharing with your friends or students by emailing them. Well, you must be thinking I can easily do that by pressing right click on the mouse then click on save page as. Of course, you can do that but this will also save all the unnecessary items of the web page that you don’t need.

Here is a chrome extension called “Cleansave or Save Content to Dropbox, Box Google Drive” to help you save the necessary items on a webpage online or offline.

This tool will not only allows you to save web pages to Google Drive or Dropbox, but also helps you to edit and remove unwanted content from the web page before saving. You can also share these articles on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn directly from the extension.

The extension adds a new cloud shape icon in Chrome’s address bar which you can click anytime you want and it will load an iFrame on top of the page you’re currently browsing.

Features of Save Content to Box

1. You can edit font size, remove unwanted images and text or add text to your content before saving.

2. It will allow you to save pages as PDF or text format.

3. You can save WebPages directly to your cloud services or share them on social media platform.

Save Content To Dropbox, Box &Google Driveis handy extension and can prove useful for teachers and students in there day to day life. Check it out yourselves. install Save Content to Box, Google Drive & Dropbox