Cloud encryption: Protect your Data stored in Cloud

Cloud Computing is a priority nowadays for those who seek agility, and mobility for their sensitive data. Cloud Computing lets you store gigs of data which you can access anytime and anywhere in the world, It’s never been that easy all you have to do is just drag and drop. But what about security or Cloud encryption? This is still a major concern in everyone’s mind.

Well, nobody can assure you 100% security but the fact is, If somehow a Black hat hacker gets hold on your account details or he hacks the whole server then ultimately he will get access to all your data. This is exactly the time when Cloud encryption can save our ass. The concept is pretty simple, encrypt your data and nobody will find what’s in the data until he will have the right passphrase. If you are higly concern about your data security then you should look at the following list of Cloud Encryption tools and methods.

Cloud Encryption Method

Use of Cloud Encryption apps


Boxcryptor is one the best tool avaiable for Cloud encryption. It is a cryptographic virtual harddisk which encrypts your data using highly secure AES-256 standard. Boxcryptor support wide range of platforms. So, non-compatibility is definitely not an issue. BoxCryptor lets you create a special drive and any file dropped in that drive will get automatically encrypted before syncing to the cloud.

Cloud encryption: Protect your Data stored using Cloud encryption

Download Boxcryptor


CloudFogger is another great Cloud encrytpion tool. Cloudfogger follows the same cloud encrytpion satandard like Boxcrypt and provides really easy to use interface. It also allows you to share your Cloudfogger protected files with others without giving them your Cloudfogger credentials and if you wish you can also encrypt your email attachments.

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DataLocker is another great tool which you can add in your Cloud encryption tools arsenal. It has a very easy to use interface. To encrypt a file you have to simply drag and drop the file on DataLocker interface and then select the destination folder, which will be your Drobox folder. All you have to do after that is to create a passphrase and click on encrypt.

Cloud encryption: Protect your Data stored in Cloud using Cloud encryption

Use of True Crypt Container

With TrueCrypt, you can create a container in your Dropbox folder and any file you put in that folder will automatically get encrypted. It don’t allow anyone to see the files inside it until he uses the right passphrase. TrueCrypt works best for your Dropbox  account. For an example if you have a 1 GB TrueCrypt drive and you change a small file in it then Dropbox will see that change and only re-upload that file where as Google Drive and other cloud Services will re-upload the entire 1 GB.

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Use of Encrypted Service

If you wish you can also use a Cloud storage service that also provide client-side encryption. One of the reason that Dropbox is popular because of it’s easy to use interface but even if you are average tech savvy person, you will easily be able to handle these Services. One of the Best option for Cloud encryption services are SpiderOak and Wuala.

Cloud encryption: Protect your Data stored in Cloud using Cloud encryption

For Linux Users

Now if you are a linux fan then Boxcryptor and EncFS would be the best option for you. Functionality of EncFS Cloud encryption tool is exactly like BoxCryptor. It will create a virtual encrypted filesystem which will store your encrypted data in the rootdir directory. EncFS is a bit more complicated to setup as compare to Boxcryptor but hey, Linux is definitely not for non tech savvy person and also unlike free version of Boxcrypter you can encrypt as many files you want So, Cheers.