Cloud View Chrome Extension to add Next-Gen Features to Chrome

Google Chrome Team is reportedly working on a Chrome extension called Cloud View that will allow users to project contents from any tab from Google Chrome to any other discoverable device.

For an example, with this extension you can play a YouTube video on Google Chrome and reflect the content on a TV in the living room.

Cloud View Chrome Extension

Cloud View chrome extension will use two of the recently added extension APIs – WebRTC Tab Content Capture and Local Device Recovery.

WebRTC Tab Content Capture – This API enables a special form of screencasting  but in which users are able to share the contents of a tab rather than sharing their entire desktop. This avoids a number of issues with desktop sharing, such as the presence of icons, taskbars, window chrome, pop-ups, and other elements that it is often not desirable (or in some cases, even embarrassing – e.g. when a new mail notification or IM shows up for all to see) to share. This API also enables the creation of WebRTC-based screencasting approaches, allowing the receiver of such content to run in a standard browser, entirely plug-in (and extension) free.

Local Device Recovery – The API allow extensions to receive events from a DIAL (DIscovery and Launch) service running within Chrome which notifies of devices being discovered on the local network.

As of now, there aren’t much details available but you can still play with the CRX file; by dragging it into chrome://extensions page (Not a working copy). ( Via )