Customize Windows 8 Start Screen Size & Position


Many impressive tools have been built by a lot of developers that allows you to Customize Windows 8 Start Screen. One such tool adding to that list is Immersive Taille. It’s a portable application which allows you to change the size of the Start Screen, and move it to to user-defined positions i.e. top, bottom, left or right.

Once install, a settings screen will appear which will allow you to customize the Start Screen according to your needs. Immersive Taille supports multilanguage (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and German) and by default have been set to French – you need to click the flag at the bottom-left corner to choose a different language.

Cusomize Windows 8 Start Screen

Basic tab provides you options to choose your preferred position for displaying the Start Screen. You can change your start screen position to Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Fullscreen + Taskbar modes. Changes will be applied instantly and you can check if the changes are correctly made using the Overview button.

Cusomize Windows 8 Start Screen position

If you are not happy with the results produced by the basic options and have a precise position in mind – where you want your start screen to appear then advance tab is here to help you. In advance options you can specify the specifying custom X and Y co-ordinates for Start Screen or re-scale it by by specifying custom width and height dimensions.

In the Settings tab you can control the behavior of Immersive Taille with your Windows 8 start Screen. As the name implies ‘Start with Windows’ force Immersive Taille to load at next Window Start-up.

  • Windows notification area options – lets you enable the app’s system tray icon.
  • Automatic shutdown – lets you select a shutdown timer for the app when minimized to system tray.
  • See Start Screen Software Startup – automatically show you the customized start screen at Windows Start-up.

Overall, Immersive Taille is a simple and easy to use open-source application that lets you further customize your Windows 8 Start Screen and make it more user friendly.

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