Dashlane Courier – Send Private Information In Encrypted and Self-Destructing Emails

There are times when you need to send Sensitive information like Account password, Credit card numbers or just a personal message that you don’t want others to read. Well, you can send these information via Email or Text but the question is, Are they really enough to secure such a sensitive information for you?

Dashlane Courier - Send Private Information In Encrypted and Self-Destructing Emails

Dashlane, a password management tool, launched a new service called Dashlane Courier that will allow you to send secure, encrypted messages to anyone in the world(Whether they use Dashlane or not). Dashlane allows you to securely save your personal Sensitive information in your web browser. The information is synced with Dashlane’s online servers and saved locally in an encrypted form. After that a master password will be used to secure your personal information from unauthorized access. Dashlane Courier is an additional service added, which allows you to share your passwords or send private messages as emails that will self-destruct 30 min right after they are read.

How to Use Dashlane Courier?

To use Their Service  All you need to download the latest version of Dashlane app and create a Dashlane account. You can import your Account passwords if you let you browser to remember them or you can manually fill those details in “Login and Passwords” section – even if you don’t wish it to manage your passwords via Dashlane, you can still use Dashlane to send private messages to anyone. You can also send the same message to more then one email address at a time. Your recipient will receive an email that they have a secure message to view, along with a Secure link and a pass-code that should be entered in order to read the message. After the message is opened for the first time, your recipient will only have 30 min to save or download the information. Afterwards, the message will self destruct.

Download Dashlane Courier