Detect Hidden Trojan on your computer

There are millions of Trojan, virus, keylogger roaming around you in the computer world and who knows when you get affected by one of those even if you are using most advanced antivirus for protection of your PC. So, below is the software that can help you to learn about these malicous activities in your system.

Detect Trojan, Viruses using Process Revealer


Detect Hidden Trojan on your computer

what is this software about?

Process revealer is a free hidden process detector. It will reveals even those Processes which does not appear even in Windows Task Manager.

How it works?

Process revealer provides detailed information about each process running on your System and helps you find, if a process is related to a malicious program or not. It will automatically highlight the Hidden processeses in the interface and will allow you to remove those processes in just one click.

How it can prove useful?

If you are affected by a trojan, keylogger then that program have to run a backend process in windows to work, unlike antivirus Process Revealer will look for any process that looks malicious and you can turn it off any time you want.

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