Directly Open New Compose Window for Gmail

Many of us solely prefers Email services for our online communication and to use it more effectively, we set a routine time to check new mails and send a response. However, getting distracted by the new mails in the Inbox is real easy. Even if you do manage to leave inbox without looking at the new messages they still weigh on your mind, until you deal with them.

Open Compose allows you to directly Open New Compose Window for Gmail with a click of a button without getting distracted. All you need to do is install the extension in your browser, then click the little Gmail button in your toolbar to get a new message.

Open New Compose Window for Gmail
Open Compose is simple extension which lets you open Gmail compose window without opening Gmail itself. If you are a type who easily gets easily distracted by new mails or check emails occasionally, this extension will prove handy for you.