Disable Ads and Sponsored Torrents in uTorrent

The latest version of the popular Bittorent client uTorrent comes bundled with sponsored torrents and a small ad unit on the left-bottom of the sidebar. If you feel that these ads are bugging you and like to have less cluttered interface than there is a simple workaround to disable these ads.

Disable Ads and Sponsored Torrents in uTorrent

All you have to do is click on the advanced section of the preferences window(Open the above image in a new Tab to see clearly) and change these two options offers.left_rail_offer_enabled (option for the sidebar) and offers.sponsor_torrent_offer_enabled (Option for the Sponsored Torrent) to false.

To quickly find these two options, type “offers” in the filter box on the Advanced window settings. Double-click on each of the option and they will automatically get set to “false”, hit “Apply” to save these settings.

After completing the whole procedure, You have to restart uTorrent and you will notice that the sponsored torrents no longer appears and the left-hand bottom ad unit will ask you the “upgrade to uTorrent Plus”.

Note:- Since these ads generate revenue for the developer you may like to leave these ads enable especially if you don’t install the uTorrent toolbar, to show your support towards developer for the service. Source Reddit