Change DNS Servers and Improve online security

Basics about DNS

DNS(Domain Name System) is a core technology spread across all over the Internet, which helps in name resolution. In simple words, whenever you try to browse a website by typing it’s URL in your browser, your computer will not look for the URL, it looks for the specific ip in the form of where all the “x” are bunch of different numbers. DNS servers change back IP addresses into a name so we don’t have to remember a specific address to browse Internet. Well, it would be such a haslle if we have to do that.

Change DNS Servers and Improve online security

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Why there is a need to change DNS servers?

As a normal internet user you must be using your ISP servers. There isn’t a problem with that but the thing is your ISP servers will most likely be simple, means they only resolve URLs and nothing more. They are often more open to cyber attacks since they usually don’t focus on incresing the intensity of Security.

Possible results of an server attack

  • Your Server might get crashed, So you won’t be able to connect to the internet(Depending on the type of attack).
  • Attacker might change the DNS records. This could be a serious issue because he can point a Specific URL to a lookalike page, which is definitely not the right page and you won’t be able to figure it out since the URL is just the same you typed(Could lead to hacking of your digital accounts).

What To do now?

The answer is really simple, change your DNS server and those who don’t know, you don’t have to pay a dime for this extra security(until you are asking for an enterprise level). While there are many third party services available, the best and widely known are

Google Public DNS – Maintained by the Search lord itself, highly reliable and secure.

Open DNS – Really fast and Secure and even more feature full then Google servers.

I’d personally use Opendns, Since it’s a pure DNS company, Provide various security tools like dnscrypt which encrypts traffic between your computer and Opendns server preventing many types of attack and also have a really good track record.

How to change your DNS setting?

For window users – Go into your network device properties -> networking -> click on IPV4 -> Click on Properties-> then change the DNS settings in the bottom section.

For MAC OS X users – Go into system preferences -> Network -> Network devices -> Advanced -> click on DNS tab and change the settings.

For Linux users – Network applet -> Edit connections -> Click on Edit -> Automatic (DHCP) addresses only -> add the the DNS ip addresses.

Google Public DNS address – and

OpenDNS – and

Final words

Though Google and Open dns supposedly be more faster then your ISP servers but it totally depends on your location. Those who like to know which is the fastest DNS server can check test their speed on this link Test Server speed. At the end if you are anyting like me then you will choose more security, no matter who the hell is fast.

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