Download Files Directly to Dropbox Using Right Click

The Google Chrome extension “Save to Google Drive” allows you to directly save files to your Google Drive from the browser using the right-click menu option, and if you’re looking for similar functionality to download files directly to Dropbox then you must need to try “Download to Dropbox” for Chrome.

Download Files Directly to Dropbox Using Right Click

Once installed, you need to authorize the extension to have access to your Dropbox account. Once the setup is complete and you have signed in properly in your Dropbox account, you will notice an ‘Upload to Dropbox’ option in the right-click context menu, click it whenever you want to download file to your Dropbox account. Afterwards you can choose how you want the files to be saved in your account.

Download Files Directly to Dropbox

According to your needs, you can also change the save location to any folder in your Dropbox account or you can use options like ‘Group downloads by site’ and ‘Group downloads by date’ to keep things organized.

To manage all the downloads to Dropbox account you have to click the extension’s button. This will display you the complete list of all completed, failed and ongoing downloads. From there you can either hide the successful downloads, stop the ones in progress, or retry downloading the failed ones.

Overall, Download to Dropbox is an easy to use and handy extension for users who prefers Dropbox as there primary cloud storage service.