Directly download Torrent into Dropbox account

If you are a torrent lover and have a Dropbox account then there is some good news for you. A new web service named Boxopus have been launched will allow users to directly download torrent into Dropbox account without the need of Torrent client. All you have to do is link your Dropbox account with Boxopus, you have to download torrent file to your system and then feed it to Boxopus and the torrent will start downloading into your Dropbox account.

Directly download torrent into Dropbox account

How does it work?

Boxopus initially downloads the torrent file to its hard drive and after that file is moved to their Dropbox account before finally being moved to the user personal Dropbox folder when the download is complete. You will find a new Boxopus folder in the Dropbox App directory which will contain all future torrent files that have been downloaded using this service.
Directly download torrent into Dropbox account

Is it Safe?

Boxopus use Dropbox API to sync which means that no other file in your Dropbox account can be accessed.

For now Boxopus is in a beta stage and traffic is unlimited but soon there will be paid plans to purchase traffic. Torrent is a home for piracy so it’s definitely a big concern as you are going to save those files in your Dropbox account. As of now Dropbox haven’t taken any action against this service.

Boxopus is definitely a good service which will allow you to download and reach torrent files from multiple platforms like Computer, Smartphone and tablets using cloud storage from anywhere in the world.