Drag & Drop to instantly share files using Jumpshare

Jumpshare is an Web app which allows you to quickly and easily share files with others without first uploading the files before on internet.

How to share files using Jumpshare

Drag & Drop to instantly share files using Jumpshare

  • drag & drop your file onto the page.
  • copy and email the share link.

The people who received the link will can download the file from the available link.

Things you should know about Jumpshare

  • There is no limits on the number of files you can drag & drop to share.
  • The total limit of all files dragged should not exceed 2GB.
  • You can’t share a file which exceed the size of 100MB.
  • All files you uploaded to Jumpshare server are kept for 14 days before being automatically purged.
  • All files are stored on Amazon data center and your data will be encrypted using the AES standard to prevent unauthorized access.

Final Words

Jumpshare is nice file sharing service which allows you to easily and quickly share files. It can prove highly useful to those who want a real quick sharing method to share files with their known person without concerning too much about the privacy or having a new account.