Easily Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts

If you have multiple cloud storage accounts and looking for an easy way to manage all of them then you will love RainbowDrive App for Windows 8. RainbowDrive is an easy to use application which allows you to copy, move, delete and share your files from different Cloud storage services. As of this writing, RainbrowDrive supports three cloud storage services: SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

When launched, Click on the respective icon to select your desired cloud service from the right pane. The thing that makes this app better then its competitors like Cumulo is its simple interface which allows to browse all the your contents more easily.

The main screen of RainbowDrive can be viewed in two different ways – Type of the files or Files by Cloud Storage. Just hit the arrow button next to Type at the top, and select the view by Type or Cloud option to view everything as one large drive or group each cloud drive separately.

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts

In Type mode, the app will show you all your drives data as one large storage, with the files being divided into different groups for recent, videos, music, photos and others. Clicking on a group lets you further browse the data in the selected group.

On the other hand, In Cloud Mode you can view and administer your accounts on each cloud drive separately. You can also upload/download, delete or share files from there.

RainboxDrive also allows you to view your files without downloading them first. Pictures can be viewed in fullscreen mode and since it is integrated with Windows Media Player you can watch and play Videos and music straight from the app.

RainbowDrive works on Windows 8 and Windows RT and is absolutely free to download from Windows App Store. It is also available for Android and Iphone users.