Email Spoofing: How it is done and How to protect yourself

Email Spoofing is pretty common these days, believe me even a kid can forge email addresses and can make a fool out of you especially if you are a non tech savvy person. Well, you definitely don’t mind if a kid do this to just prank you but email forging could turn out to be serious issue if Scammer do this with an intention of hacking your accounts.

What is Email Spoofing?

In simple words it can be defined as disguising the source/header of an email so that the message appears to have originated from somewhere or someone other than the original source. Most of the time this technique is used to fool the victim into believing that the source of the mail is orginal while it is not. Email Forging can be combined with other hacking methods like Phishing which is mostly used to hack personal accounts.

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How it is Done?

There are various methods of doing this you can either do this manually using cmd prompt or using available tools.

As for now just to show you an example I will be using a site called to to forge an email and send it to my account.

  • After entering on this website you will be asked to agree with their terms and condition. You have to fill all the details as you normally do and choose any email id you want.

Email Spoofing

  • As you can clearly see this is the message i just received in my email id.

Email Spoofing

  • After opening the mail you will notice that the mail is sent from [email protected] Well, I know my mail is Idiotic and no one would ever believe that but a Scammer will definitely won’t write this type of mail. He will act far more professional and smarter then I just showed you and might give you a link on which you shouldn’t click if you are not sure about the mail.

Email Spoofing

How to protect your self?

The best method to protect yourself is to always be skeptical. Don’t just click on any link in an unknown email. You can also trace sender’s email and if you find out that the IP address is from whole another country (from where it shoudn’t be) then you can be sure that this is a fake mail.

To learn how to trace senders email you can refer to this tutorial How to trace sender mail

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