Encrypt Your Sensitive Dropbox Files For Free

Cloud storage is becoming more and more common day by day cause we all love the convenience of anywhere data access.Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Microsoft Skyfire and ohers makes it easy to share and store files and sync between platforms. But they store enormous amount of data and there are certain types of sensitive information that requires extra security.
AppSense Labs had released a new product called DataLocker suite, which lets you securily encrypt sensitive information in your Drophbox accounts for free without giving up the convenience of cross-platform syncing.Both Wndows and Mac client have simple drag and drop interfaces that let you encrypt and store secure files in local system or cloud storage location. As for now, it’s only available for Dropbox but have chances to move beyond Dropbox.
The Windows and Mac DataLocker applications can be downloaded from the AppSense Labs web site. A universal DataLocker iOS application for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from the App Store.