Facebook Unseen Block seen feature of Facebook Messenger

Facebook has taken hold as undisputed leader among social networking websites. Millions of people visit Facebook to connect, share their social life with friends and family.But lack of privacy have always been a big concern though Facebook is trying their best to introduce more privacy features, they’ve not been completely successful in their efforts.

Recently Facebook introduced the “seen” feature where the sender is notified each time a receiver reads the message that had been sent. Certainly, people will like to know whether there message has been read or not but there are moments when you don’t want your friends to know whether you have read their message or not.

However, this is not an issue any more with the help of chrome extension called Facebook Unseen you can stop the Facebook seen Feature.

Facebook Unseen Block seen feature of Facebook Messenger

Features of Facebook Unseen

1.You can view how many messages has been Unseen.

2.You can easily turn off or turn on Facebook extension from the Omnibar.

FB Unseen: It’s an another extension available for chrome to let you stop Facebook seen feature and mark as read for individual messages. The drawback of this extension is that all your messages will not be marked as read by themself and the “unread messages” notification stays visible as long as you do not reply, open the full conversation, or mark it explicit as read.

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