Find out which wordpress plugins are slowing down your site

Nobody likes to drop on a slow website and wait for its page load that’s why we use cache plugin to keep our WordPress website trim but its pretty hard to keep the balance between number of plugins and Page loading speed. Having many WordPress plugins installed will lead to increase page load time and put more burdens on cache plugin.

If you have found out that your Page speed is getting a bit slow then it might be time for you to get an idea of which of your wordpress plugins are slowing down your site and adding the most to your load time to get rid of them if possible.

A Plugin named P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) can help WordPress users to scan their own sites to find out which WordPress plugins are slowing down your site. PPP(Plugin PerformanceProfiler) will scan your whole website and then measures the impact of each and every plugin you have installed in the form of Pie chart.

Performing the scan

After you have installed the plugin, you will need to go to the plugin under the tools menu and start the scan. The plugin will load each and every page on your website and monitors your site’s performance on the server. Once the scan is finished, click on view results.
wordpress plugins are slowing down your site

As you can see my WordPress SEO plugin and Disqus comment system are adding the most to my blog  but since they worth the extra load time i won’t remove them. The detailed breakdown tab lets you see the actual load time for each plugin. The remaining tabs provides you additional information like WP core load time, theme load time and total plugin load time, how many SQL queries were required to load each page and other metrics.

Now what?

As you have seen the result and found the devil plugins. Your first step should be to remove those plugins and look for the better alternative(If possible). You can also email these result to your yourself and share this info with your hosting service and try to find if they can help you. Maybe if none of the above is possible, you ought to give a try for a CDN, something that can really boost your site.