Gaming War Infographic: The rise of PC gaming

Computer and Console games have come a long way since 1972 when the first video game connected to a tv set was the Magnavox Odyssey and so have those who play them. Today’s gaming industry is a really big market and video games are enjoyed by players of all ages. So, below is a cool infographic covering some key statistics about PC vs Console gaming

Here are some important Gaming stats that i pulled out

1. 72% of the American household play PC game.
2. Average age of PC gamer is 37.
3. PC gamers spend more time in playing video games as compare to console gamers.
4. 40% of all gamers are female.

Both PC and consoles have their own advantages and disadvantages. PC is more reliable whereas Console provide superior experience of gaming so at the end the main question is what platform will you prefer?