How to have a Safe and Secure Web Browsing

We really can’t stop ourself from clicking on links, because that’s the way internet works that’s the way we browse web, surf to other web pages but the thing we can control is to make sure that the link is safe and not contain any Hidden link or malware, before clicking on it. Following is a list of tools that you can use to have a happy and safe browsing experience.

WOT (Web of Trust)

have a Safe and Secure Web Browsing

WOT could be considered as the leader of Safe browsing Tools . WOT allow it’s users to rate their website experience in four different categories: trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. Then it calculate the reputation of a website using it’s own algorithm (based on it’s user rating). WOT show trustworthiness of the website among it’s user’s by using Colors signs and as you might have assumed, Green indicates Safe and red indicates harmful link. WOT totally depends on user rating so you might not find ratings for fairly new or Unpopular websites.

URL Void

have a Safe and Secure Web Browsing

Urlvoid is a free service which allows you to scan a website for possible threats with domains blacklist and multiple reputation engines such as MyWOT, Google Safe Browsing, and Norton SafeWeb.


have a Safe and Secure Web Browsing
Phishing is pretty common and relatively easy method to hack a non-tech savvy person. PhishTank could be really useful if you are suspicious about a website link being a phishing link. It’s is a free service where anyone can submit, track or share phishing data and being operated by one of the most famous 3rd party DNS provider OpenDNS, who are known for their security services.

Dr. Web Antivirus Link Checker – Dr. Web-Antivirus Link checker is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox ,Chrome, IE, and Opera. It uses it’s own antivirus engine to scan web Pages and download link for malicious content. You can start a scan by right clicking on the link and select Scan with “Dr. Web” after that it will give you a Scan report which tells you if the link is clean or compromised.

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