How anyone can Save your Snapchat permanently

Snapchat allows you to share photo or video with your friends that will only be available for a limited amount of time ( Depends on your set expiration time) before it completely disappears from receivers device and Company’s Servers. The basic idea behind Snapchat is to give you a feel of more control and security over your shared messages, so that you won’t put yourself in the risk of turning up your private messages on Internet sites (As it mostly used for Sexting).


However, it turns out that both Snapchat and Facebook Poke are not as secured as being promised. A Reddit user have suggested a working method to save videos and photos sent with Snapchat which also seems to work with Facebook Poke.

How Snapchat and Facebook Poke messages can be saved

  • Connect your phone to the computer, Download iFunBox to your computer ( For iPhone users). For Android users Snapchat folder may itself be available via the system’s default file browser (Not Tested).
  • On your phone, open the Snapchat application and navigate to the screen where it displays that you have an awaiting Snapchat to open (Just Tap to load it, don’t open it).
  • Find the SnapChat folder. Open up the folder called “tmp”. Copy the file from the tmp folder to save it permanently on your PC.
  • For Facebook Poke navigate to library/caches/fbstore/mediacard (Only for Videos) and copy those file on your System.

Both Poke and Snapchat, alerts the sender if the recipient takes the screenshot of videos or photos – but there will be no such warning if the recipient copies these files on his system – though this method is a little impracticable but it still is a serious vulnerability.

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That Said, at first place both Snapchat and Facebook Poke are not a secure messaging system so anyone should think twice before sharing a private message.

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