How To The Customize Windows 8 Task Manager

With Windows 8 Microsoft have introduced a complete brand new task manager. Overall this new redesigned Task Manger is better and more advanced as compare to its predecessor but there are certain options such as processes that doesn’t provide as much details as the old Task manager of Windows 7 was suppose to do.

By default Windows 8 shows the running processes in groups such as apps,Windows processes etc. Although it gives Task Manger a more organized feel, but it also results in taking more time when you need to look for a particular process compared to the time it used take in old Task Manager since you need to first identify the group which contains the details of that particular process.

Group by type - Task Manager

Another irritating feature of new task manager is that by default the process tab shows the name of the running application rather than showing the process name.

If you are more of a Power user and like to bring back the more detailed user interface just like the old Windows Task Manger. Here are few tips to tweak your new Task Manger according to your need.

Disable Process Grouping:

  • Open Windows 8 Task Manager by using Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together or right click on Task-bar and select “Task Manager” item.
  • Click on View menu and uncheck “Group by type” option as shown in the Following screenshot.

Without group by type - Task Manager

That’s all, this will turn off the process grouping feature immediately and Task Manager will start showing all processes.

Show Process Names: A click on details tab also allows you to view process names, but you can also create a new column to show processes directly in the process tab. Just right-click on one of the column headers at the top and enable the “Process Name” option as shown in the following screenshot.

Process name - Task Manager

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