How to Easily Delete Facebook Messages[Quicktip]

Deleting chat messages in Facebook is definitely not an easy task. Most of us will found it really annoying since we need to individually delete Facebook messages or have to select the all messages by checking them one by one. If you have to delete many number of Facebook messages, this process will prove time consuming. This post shares a quick tip of how to permanently delete chat messages with just one click.

Normal Method to delete Facebook Messages

  • To delete messages, First you need to click the actions Button and Select Messages.
How to Easily Delete Facebook Messages
  • After clicking on delete messages, you will notice a checkbox on the left side of each messages with this particular friend.
  • You can simply check an individual message or you can select multiple messages and use delete all option.

Delete All Facebook messages at once

Facebook Fast Delete Messages, this Google chrome extension allows you to Fast delete your messages by adding a delete button in all of them, without leaving the page and saving your time.Once you have installed this extension in your Chrome Browser, You will find two extra buttons, one at the top bar and another highlighted in red. You need to use these buttons to permanently delete your whole conversations or simply Individual messages.

How to Easily Delete Facebook Messages

Download Facebook Fast Delete Messages For Chrome

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