How to import partial torrent downloads into another Client

Everyone prefers their own Torrent Clients for torrent downloads but there might be a chance that now you have decided to switch to another client. The reason behind the switch could be anything like Too much of Advertisement, compatibility issue and for me, i switched from uTorrent to Vuze because i liked it’s user interface more.

But the problem is, you don’t want to stop your ongoing downloads and re-download them again in new Torrent application. In general this ain’t a difficult task because the data that the torrent application download is the same. But Some clients use special extension to incomplete files to indicate that they are incomplete, for example Bitcomet use a bc extension for partial downloads. Because of this extension Your new torrent might face trouble in recognizing the torrent downloads, and will ignore them instead. So, at the end all you need to do is change the Extension.

How to Remove Extra Torrent Extension

Changing of Extension of various files can quickly become a boring task. Luckily there is a batch script available that lets you change the extension of any number of torrent files in seconds

@for /r %%i in (*.XT!) do @move "%%~fi" "%%~dpni"

Paste the above line of code to a new text file, then change the XT to the extension you wish to remove. Now, you need to save the text file as a batch file (“Filename.bat” extension), and all you have to do is run the batch file to the directory containing files you want to rename, follow the same procedure to other directories containing torrent files you wish to rename with a specific extension. After completing the Above Procedure

Follow these steps

  • Drag and drop each torrent file into the new torrent application
  • The Torrent Client will check the integrity – the larger the torrent content is being imported, the longer will it take to complete the integrity check.


import partial torrent downloads into another Client

If the above procedure is too much of a work for you then you could use a simpe Program like qBittorent. It allows you to import partially downloaded torrent files from other Bittorrent applications. To import torrent files from applications all you have to do is select File > Import Existing Torrent in the application window. Though, the problem with qBittorent is that it only allow to import one torrent at a time and this will be a tedious task if you have hundreds of torrent to import.

Download qBittorent

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