How to open a file without extension

Extensions are the characters that precedes the last period in a file name. Extensions helps you determine the type of file with and by looking at extension you know which program should be used to open that file.
But there may be times when you run into a scenario where you have with a file with an unknow extension or no extension at all. Now, you must be asking yourself how to open that file, Here are some Quick tips to do so.

Open a file with an unknown extension

To open that particular file, first find what’s the extension of that file and head over to Wolfram Alpha and search for the file extension with a dot. See the following image to learn how to use Wolfram alpha.

How to open a file without extension

How to open a file without extension

Visit Wolfram alpha

Opening a file without extension

If you notice a file without extension, you can still use the signature of a file to identify the file type. All known file types have a standarad signature this signature is stored in the file itself. There are many tools available which can determine the signature of a file even if the extension is missing and one of the best tool to do so is File Identifier.
File identifier lets you easily identify different file formats and also allows you to extract metadata from some file formats. After identifying the file type you can use Wolfram alpha to know which software can be used to open that file.

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