How to Optimize Images for Better Search Rankings

On page optimization is one of the most important factor to get better rankings in SERP, while every Webmaster and Blogger try to continuously make their content Search Engine optimized but one thing that many of us miss out is optimizeimages for search traffic.

If you are new to blogging than the first question that might pops up in your mind must be, Why is it so important to Optimize images for Search Engines?

  • Numbers says that, Google Image search only shares half percent of Google Total traffic. But this little amount of share could generate a TON of traffic from image based search result.
  • If you have a Photoblog then Image optimization become highly essential because Search engines can’t understand images as easily as they can process textual content on your Website. Actually, bots will consider your Webpage blank if you haven’t optimized your website images.

Here’s how you can Optimize Images and make them search engine friendly:

Use of Alt Tags to Optimize Images

You can consider Alt tag as soul of your images, it helps you to describe search engines what your image is all about. For an example if you have an article or image about BMW Luxury Car then your alt text could be <img src=”BMW_Luxury_Car” alt=”BMW Luxury Car”/>. This will tell Search Engines that your image is about Luxury cars while luxury car can be considered your keyword

Key points of having a good Alt Tag

  • Your alt tag should be meaningful, easy to understand, and keyword rich (keyword you are targeting)
  • Don’t use same Alt tag if you have more then one image in a single page. For an example if your first alt text is <img src=”BMW_Luxury_Car” alt=”BMW Luxury Car”/> then your Second alt text for the next image could be <img src=”BMW6series_Luxury_Car” alt=”BMW6series Luxury Car”/>

Image Size and Dimension

Try to keep your images as big as possible (Without using a large image file). Having a clear quality image will definitely attract people in Image search result which might also bring traffic to your website . One of the problems of using Quality images is they affect the page loading speed of your Website. So, to counter this you can use an image compression plugin like EWWW Optimizer.

Image Name

Always use a meaningful and descriptive file name. Search Engines use both keywords and alt tags to understand what the image is all about. Ranking for an image is almost same as ranking for an keyword, Search Engines will consider facts like links, PageRank, etc while ranking your image. So while choosing a name try to be more precise, like if you have an image of a BMW luxury Car using a name “BMWluxuryCar” or “BMW_LUXURY_CAR” will be far better than just using ‘luxury Car” as a file name. This way your image file name will do a much better job in Search results than using a generic name which will be tough to compete for in the rankings.

BackLinks / Anchor Text

Just like for a Website, you can Optimize images and increase your image rankings by building backlinks. Avoid generic anchor text, such as “Click Here”. Use of Anchor text like “BMW 3 Series Luxury Car” for your car image will give you a good amount of SEO juice. And just like you do for your Website using of different but relevant Anchor text will make it look natural for Search Engines.

Surrounding Text

Search engines also consider surrounding text as one of the methods to understand what the image is all about, Try to Wrap keyword related content around your image( Keyword that you are using in your title and headlines etc). Having a small caption of image also helps in better ranking of images.

Image Sitemap

Just like you create a sitemap for your content, you can create a Image Sitemap for your Images using Google XML Sitemap for Images, adding the image Sitemap to your Google and bing Webmaster tool will help Search Engines to learn more about your images.

GEO locations

If you want to rank your images for a specific Country, then you need to use local keywords(Wherever possible) in most of the above methods to make your image appear in local image results  Like you can have alt text “Germany BMW Luxury Cars” or a file name “GermanyBMWLuxuryCars”.


These are some simple but really powerful methods that you can use to get better ranking in Image Search Result for your Images, using all of these methods won’t take much longer than a few minutes. And I will also like to know, What other methods will you suggest to optimize images?

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