How To Stop Youtube Autoplay

Why the hell someone wants to stop the autoplay feature of Youtube?

  • Well, personally i never like to watch a video until it’s buffering is complete especially I found it really annoying when internet speed is slow.
  • Some people(including Me) have the tendency of opening many tabs at a time and when you have so many loading videos at time it becomes a hassle to figure which one is playing what.

Stop Youtube Autoplay For Chrome

Google chrome is fully featured with extensions. They have an extension for almost every basic need and one such extension that can help you to stop the autoplay feature of Youtube is Stop Autoplay for Youtube.

Install the extension on your Google Chrome Browser. Open any Youtube video in your browser and you will notice that none of the video will autoplay until they are fully buffered.

There is also a manual workaroud to do this job in your Chrome Browser. Type this path “chrome://chrome/settings/content” in your browser address bar and select Click to play option in Plugin Section.

How To Stop Youtube Autoplay

Note: Changing the settings to click to play will also stop Flash ads or any other thing that uses flash to run.

Stop Youtube Autoplay in Firefox

For Firefox you can use a extension called Tubestop. After the installation is complete open Youtube, you will find a click to play screen in firefox and none of the video will be loaded or played, until click on it.

You can also use another extension name Flashblock which have similar functionality of blocking Youtube video though for now it don’t support blocking of HTML 5 videos.

Stop Youtube Autoplay in Safari

If you are using Click to flash extension then you have to change the default behaviour of auto play all HTML 5 videos.

To change the settings:

  • Right click and click on the click to flash preferences.
  •  Select the media player tab.
  •  Select the behaviour, how you want the plugin to react upon identifying HTML 5 videos by changing the Initial behaviour settings.

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