Anonymous Browsing: How to Surf the Web Anonymously

If you believe whatever you do in the virtual world is only known by you and your browser, then you are far away from the truth.

The truth is that just by connecting to the Internet, you starts sharing information about your computer, the Web sites you visit, Web browser and operating system you are using and even about your geographical location.

Why do they track?

There are multiple answers of this, Search engines and Social networking Sites tracks you to collect sellable marketing data, show you better search results or Ads related to your locality. Tracking companies and Government might track you to stop Piracy or terrorist activity. Whatever the reason maybe but the fact is we all are getting tracked.

Why do you want to remain anonymous online?

Well, most of the non technology people would link anonymous Browsing to hacking, illegal activities but still there are many legitimate reasons to remain anonymous online.

  • You don’t want to share your personal Information with Social Networking sites or Search Engines.
  • You don’t want advertisements companies to know about your Geographical location and products you are interested in.
  • You want to visit websites or watch video content that are only available in a certain part of the world.
  • You want to visit a restricted websites by your school or your Company.
  • You want to comment on Political Issues and remain anonymous.

How to Surf the Web Anonymously

Web Proxies to surf the Web Anonymously

There are many free proxies available such as and which keeps your IP hidden from the sites you are visiting.


  •  Free to use
  • Widely used and known


  • These Proxy will know your IP address and about the sites you are visiting (Web Surfing Data) unless you are Using “https” connection.
  • Some free proxies are actually setup by hackers. So, you should only use the most widely known for anonymous browsing.

Plugins to surf the Web Anonymously

“Do Not Track Plus” from Abine blocks Search Engines, Marketers and Social networking Sites from tracking your online activity. Do Not Track Plus is compatible with all major web browsers. You will find a small icon(After Installing) to the right of the browser’s address bar to warn you if a website wants to send data from your visit to Tracking companies.

Install Do Not Track Plus for Chrome

Tools to surf the Web Anonymously

Tor stands for The Onion Router is a free tool to hide your ip address. Tor routes your traffic through a series of servers around the world before sending it to your destination.


  • Free to use.
  • Really effective at hiding your IP address


  •  Due to passing your traffic through a number of servers Tor could be a bit slow
  •  Tor data is encrypted between the servers but it is unencrypted when it leaves the last server and passed to the Website you are visiting, your data can be viewed if anyone is operating the last server.

visit TOR Website

Ultrasurf is free, proxy-based  software. It tunnels through firewalls ,  hides your real IP from the websites that you are visiting, encrypts online communications, automatically deletes your browser history, and provides a US-based IP address so that you can access geographically restricted websites. One of the Cons that Ultrasurf have is that it will not work with any torrent client or a software that is accessing internet.

Visit Ultrasurf Website

Use of VPN to surf the Web Anonymously

VPN stands for Virtual private network is the most secure connection you can get if you are ready to loose some weight of your wallet. VPN gives you true protection no matter you are using a public network or private network. VPN protects your IP address from being transmitted to the websites you are visting by creating an encrypted connection between your PC and VPN servers for your anonymous browsing.


  • Highly Secure Connection on both private and public network.


  • VPN is a paid service.

2.Some VPN might keep traffic logs and those logs could be turned over if Government asks for it.


True anonymity is not easy to accomplish unless you have enough money to spend for it but as a normal user all you want is to protect your personal information from tracking companies who are using it for their own profit and these above methods will definitely work fine for your requirement.