Manage Windows 8 applications right from the desktop

Windows 8 users must be aware that Start Screen allows you to manage all your Windows 8 applications. From Start Screen you can pin any legacy app to the Task-bar, Turn the live tile on/off, unpin any app from the Start Screen, uninstall or change the sizes of their tiles. However, this method might not be convenient […]

Customize Windows 8 Start Screen Size & Position

  Many impressive tools have been built by a lot of developers that allows you to Customize Windows 8 Start Screen. One such tool adding to that list is Immersive Taille. It’s a portable application which allows you to change the size of the Start Screen, and move it to to user-defined positions i.e. top, […]

Easily Print Multiple Gmail Messages

Once in a while you must have felt a need to print multiple emails only to find out that you have to go through a painful and time consuming process of opening every email to print each one of them. Noting to worry about, Gmail Print All for Chrome is here to help you. Gmail Print All […]

How to Change the Default File Explorer Startup Folder in Windows 8

By default Windows 8 file Explorer open Libraries view when you open it. If you want to open a certain location, such as My Computer. You can use a following GUID (Globally Unique Identifiers) to open a specific location. %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe ,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} To select a custom location as default to be opened in File Explorer Right-click on […]

How To The Customize Windows 8 Task Manager

With Windows 8 Microsoft have introduced a complete brand new task manager. Overall this new redesigned Task Manger is better and more advanced as compare to its predecessor but there are certain options such as processes that doesn’t provide as much details as the old Task manager of Windows 7 was suppose to do. By […]