Directly download Torrent into Dropbox account

If you are a torrent lover and have a Dropbox account then there is some good news for you. A new web service named Boxopus have been launched will allow users to directly download torrent into Dropbox account without the need of Torrent client. All you have to do is link your Dropbox account with […]

Facebook Unseen Block seen feature of Facebook Messenger

Facebook has taken hold as undisputed leader among social networking websites. Millions of people visit Facebook to connect, share their social life with friends and family.But lack of privacy have always been a big concern though Facebook is trying their best to introduce more privacy features, they’ve not been completely successful in their efforts. Recently […]

Mapinterest – A social site that allows you to follow places

Mapinterest is a social network platform built on Google Maps that lets you share videos, photos and check-ins on a worldwide map with everybody else around the world. This social site have almost same look and feel of Pinterest, Just like we use Facebook to follow friends, twitter to follow people and Pinterest to follow […]

How to check Google pagerank of posts and pages

Pagerank is the general algorithm of Google and Google ranks a site on the basis of many known and unknown and factors. Getting a high Page Rank is important for any website that depends on traffic from search engine. Good page rank not only increase the chances of ranking higher then other website in search […] transfer media files in just few clicks is an online free service which allows you to transfer your media files including images and videos to another online service in just few clicks. The web app supports most of the popular services like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc. All you have to do is drop a media file into and it will […]