HelloSign: Digitally sign documents without leaving Gmail

HelloSign have added a new functionality to fill out and sign a document in Chrome without even leaving your Gmail inbox. Once you have connected your Gmail account to HelloSign, you will be able to open, edit, sign documents from your Gmail or automatically loads the edited/signed documents as an attachment to be sent. You […]

How to backup and restore Windows 8 apps data

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a new way aka Windows app store to download applications on Windows PCs and tablets. These Application store a certain amount of data like music playlist or game progress, when they are used and there may be a situation when you need to reinstall Windows but don’t want […]

Easily backup and restore drivers in windows

Drivers and Registry are two core parts of window operating system, in fact most devices won’t even work if you don’t have required device driver installed in your hard disk. In short, drivers helps your PC to recognize and communicate the instructions to those devices. Even a small error in loading of drivers could cause instability or […]

Some useful custom address bar searches

Custom search engines are one of the highly useful feature of modern browsers that we can use in our everyday routine. It allows you to feature specialized information in web searches, categorize queries and create custom searches, based on Google Web Search which can hugely speed up your browsing process. That said, Following are few […]

Office 2013 – How to Add Dropbox and Google Drive as a Cloud Service

Microsoft Office 2013 comes packed with a new feature which allows users to connect cloud services as a storage place and use them within the open/save menu. As of now, Microsoft Office 2013 only supports two services – SkyDrive and Office 365 SharePoint. But if you are looking for a way to integrate Dropbox or […]