Plugin Organizer – Control the way your plugins should be loaded

WordPress is currently Known as the most popular blogging platform on the Internet. It is used by many top Websites and one of the reasons that makes WordPress stand out is it’s rich plugin architecture. There are thousands of plugins available which you can install in your WordPress blog to enhance it’s functionality. These Plugins […]

Disable Ads and Sponsored Torrents in uTorrent

The latest version of the popular Bittorent client uTorrent comes bundled with sponsored torrents and a small ad unit on the left-bottom of the sidebar. If you feel that these ads are bugging you and like to have less cluttered interface than there is a simple workaround to disable these ads. All you have to […]

Chrome disable Silent extension installations

There are many Freeware tools, Security Programs or add-on out there which silently adds extensions in your browser during their installation, without asking your permission. Though most likely you won’t face an issue but still it posses a high security risk especially if somehow you ended up installing a malicious tool. Taking a note of […]

Remove Extra Shortcuts from Windows 8 All Apps listing

While using Microsoft latest offering operating system(Windows 8) you must have noticed that whenever you open the All Apps listing on your system, it shows you shortcuts of all the installed apps along with Start menu Entries, links to Websites andĀ read meĀ files. Though some of you may find these shortcuts useful but there are many […]

MaskMe: Protect Yourself from Junk Emails[Chrome]

Almost every Website all across the web ask for your email addresses to provide their services. Though giving out your email address to sites and registering yourself allows you to catch up with all the important notification and use their services but it also increases the chances of getting your email filled with spam as […]